GLOBALMED is a United States Company, based out of
Lafayette, Louisiana. GLOBALMED provides medical
staffing and health care services internationally.

GlobalMed currently has clinics at several military bases
throughout Iraq and also has clinics within commercial
compounds for Oil & Gas companies in southern Iraq.

At GLOBALMED, we strive to provide our clients with the
security of knowing that employees are being cared for and
educated by qualified and experienced physicians, nurses
and paramedics. We provide these services on an
international basis, in some of the most remote parts of the
world, including war torn and disaster stricken areas; areas
where conventional western standards of medicine were
previously unavailable.

It is the goal of GLOBALMED to design each program to
meet the needs of our clients. GLOBALMED can provide a
structured health program with a variety of services to ensure
compliance of all medical obligations that our clients have to
their employees. The flexibility of our program design
provides our clients with exactly what they need, when they
need it, where they need it.  This flexibility also provides our
clients and their employees with quality professional
health care that is both efficient and cost effective.

By staffing our clinics with a mixture of western health care
professionals ranging from physicians to paramedics, we are
able to provide a very broad scope of health care services to
the clients with whom we contract. From simple health care
screenings to urgent emergency care and evacuation of
contractor employees, we are staffed to meet any need that
may arise.
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Quick Contact:

USA Office
850 Kaliste Saloom Road
Suite 105
Lafayette, LA 70508

Office +1-337-456-4999
Fax +1-337-456-5170

Iraq Office
Corner of North Loop 40
Sapper Road
Baghdad, Iraq

Afghanistan Office
Jalalabad Road
Near to Kabul Customs
Kabul, Afghanistan